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Spells of Clash of Clans

Clash of clan is a strategycentric game and is quite addictive where players need to build their clan and compete with other similar clans. In the Clash of Clans game, the spells have a very important place for spells but one should know the right moment when they should be using the spells. So here in this article, some of the spells are mentioned.

Different spells

Lightning Spell- the Lightning spell is very fast when it comes to taking out the buildings. It is mainly used for uprooting the defenses. For barch and air attacks, lightning spells can be used. Lightning spells can be used for eliminating the two mortars and air attacks can be used for eliminating the defenses.

Healing Spell- Heal spell is used to heal the players. You can easily heal the giants by using this spell. If you use a single heal spell then it will keep the giants alive while destroying the defenses.

Rage Spell- It is considered to be the best spells. It can be used with any strategy. It mainly increases the speed of damage. The moment you find a lot of units together you can apply this spell. Always place the rage spell when the troops are in the base’s middle part. It will then rip the middle part.

Jump Spell- Jump spells can act great with the valks, mass bowlers, and GoWiPe. You can also use earthquake spells in their place as it offers bigger radius but the cost of jump spell is lesser. Jump spells when placed properly can open many compartments. Do not place the spells on random parts.

Freeze Spell- When you will reach town hall 9 you can use the freeze spell. When you will be attacking the hog then it will work great. It can easily freeze up the xbows and towers which are known as the damage dealers. It helps to freeze everything and can be very beneficial for getting endtime victory.

Clone Spell- This spell is very bad when it comes to taking the housing space. If you don’t want to use it then place it outside the base where the troops are placed. Whenever you will place anything with this spell then it will duplicate.

These few spells are enough for fighting the enemies properly. Every spell will be shown with approaching level. Spells can be very much beneficial if one knows how to use them. You can unlock the best in-game spells with Gems, you can get free gems by using a clash of clans hack that’s available online.

Tips on using weapons in Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is an action game where you will be using several kinds of weapons. This game was launched in the market in the year 2017 by Game Insight. One can easily play this game in the Android or iOS device. It is advised to go through the characteristics of each weapon before starting the game. So in this article, there is a guide written below that will help you to know how to use the weapons effectively and have an insight about a Guns of boom hack.

If you have not mastered in using the weapons properly and finding it difficult to spot your enemies then you can definitely make the use of the grenade. When you are using the grenade you won’t have to have a very proper aiming. Wherever you will be dropping grenade it is going to cause a serious damage. Moreover, if you are not being able to spot the location of your enemy then you can just drop the grenade at the suspected place. It is physically used for killing mass enemies who have clustered in the same location.

The best part of playing this game is you can show cast your skills. If you have just started playing and there are already many enemies around you then just pick a small weapon. You can use this weapon to kill other competitor and take all their belongings. In this way, you won’t have to search from one place to another for getting the proper weapon because the player who just died will provide you. In some cases, we can find the weapons which are similar to the enemy’s but it is recommended to pick the weapon of your opponent as in many cases it can be a more upgraded version of the weapon.

It is an action game so make sure you are surviving till the last. When you are doing double kill or has successfully stayed till the last then you will be getting good points. To the double kill, you will get 12 points and if you do triple kill you will get 25 points.

If you have already spotted the enemy from a far distance to make sure that you are taking a proper aim and try to do the headshot. Headshots are particularly very appreciated in this game because it can usually damage your opponent and can also help you get extra points. For performing headshots you need your weapons to be upgraded at a good level.

You will have to perform in various battles for winning points and gold. You can use them for upgrading a weapon. So always keep a check on the chest which will appear in every 6 hours.

So this is a small overview on how to use the weapons in this game. As this is a weapon centric game so you need to be very much skillful with your weapons and do not just aimlessly shoot as it is going to help other enemies to spot your location.

A must read the guide on 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pocket version of billiards game which comes in mobile with Android or iOS. It is a game that is completely virtual but has a lot of similarity with that of the original game. This game is quite difficult to adapt in the beginning because it is a motion sensor so controlling can be pretty tricky. Mastering this game will need a lot of time and dedication. You will have to go through the tutorials as well as the guides so that you are well acquainted with the rules. This game will come with a lot of settings that will simplify the game for you.

Deciding from the type of shot that you will make and to the length of the aiming line, you will have to be very much strategic.

Cue guide:

There are four types of the cue in this game and the game will revolve around it. For hitting the ball properly you will have to apply a certain amount of power which will be the deciding point of whether you can pocket the ball or not. If you are using the spinning option then you will also have to calculate the minimum amount to spinning you will need for putting the shot. You can use the force option for regulating the speed of hitting the ball. You can always use an aiming shot that will help you to know about the length of the aiming line. There will be a timer that will show you the total amount of time required for one shot.

Ways to earn 8 ball pool coins cheats

If you open the app in your mobile phone or website in every alternate 30 minutes you will be rewarded with 25 coins that will be completely free.

There will be a short advertisement which will be cast on your screen so make sure you are watching it for earning free coins.

With every leveling up you will be provided with pool cash.

The spinning wheel will help you to avail various mysterious boxes as well as special objects which will simplify the game for you.

It is not mandatory that you will have to master difficult shots. If you can easily master a simple shot then you can play it for thousands of times and can win difficult matches. The tables will get upgraded and with every leveling up the competition will become stiff. So if you keep on trying to master several kinds of shots then it will make you lose time. So have clarity of mind while playing this game.

How to survive for a long time in free fire Battleground?

Free Fire Battleground is an activeminded exciting shooter game that can be played on Android or iOS mobile platform. Here the player will be using a parachute for getting down on an isolated island where there will be many more opponents who will be fighting for the survival. You will have to kill the other 30 players as the island will keep on shrinking with every passing minute so only a few people can stay in the land and this is another way of saying that you won’t be able to run from your enemies for a long time. Having a strategy is very important for eliminating all the competitors by using the attachments and weapons available. So make sure that you are far away from the people so that no one can ambush you.

Safe zone: There will be a minimap which will be provided to you and it will look like the white circle. The circle will indicate that you are currently in the saved zone. So whenever the island will start to shrink you will be notified by another white circle. So you will have to look at it quickly in your screen and jump to that place otherwise you will be eliminated.

Cover yourself completely: Death will always be lurking near you so you need to be very much cautious because there will always be a player who will be watching on you. So always try to avoid the situations where you will be completely exposed to the snipers. You need to analyze the entire thing before you take one and look for the areas that can help you to hide. Always cover yourself in order to minimize your chances of exposure. Try to be tedious when you are moving.

Right gear: Never go to the Battleground unarmed because this is probably the last thing you can do. Whenever you will land on the ground make sure you are picking all the equipment which are near you. So even if you want to remove some of them you can do it later on. All the equipment are very essential in order to survive so make sure you are also keeping the helmet in order to save yourself from campers or snipers. Take a backpack and put all the stuff in there and have a vest in order to protect the torso.

Isolate yourself: Isolating yourself is the very first thing that you need to do at the beginning of the game. You can choose your own fate by selecting the starting point. So always select a location that can easily isolate you from your opponents. Never drop at a place that is near to the battle situation.

These are the few things that can help you to survive for a long time in this game alongside the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack. Once you are ready with all the right equipment and gears then you can approach towards the battlefield otherwise your game will end before you begin.

Smartphone Risks You Should Know About

Out of all the different types of new technology that have emerged within the last decade, one of the most revolutionary gadgets to have been invented would have to be the smartphone. It seems as though everyone has one nowadays. Although they can be a great thing to have, there are some smartphone risks that a lot of people may not be quite aware of. With new innovation always comes the threat of new types of risks.


Your smartphone can be used as a spying tool against you. People should be aware of software programs that exist that can actually be used to activate your cell phone’s observational capabilities without your knowledge. If someone knows your phone number, whether it be an ex-lover, a spouse, an employer or a government agency, they can use these types of software programs to listen in on your conversations or view from your cell phone’s camera even when your phone is not in use. The only way to prevent them from being able to do this is to take the battery out of your phone. Also, with the use of GPS, potentially, your every whereabouts can be tracked and traced as long as you have your cell phone on you at all times, as most of us usually do.

Although there’s not much you can do to prevent someone from spying on you in this way if they really wanted to, there are some precautionary measures that you can always taken. If you should ever have a private conversation of which you do not wish to be overheard, you should consider taking the battery out of your cell phone to ensure that no one else could be listening. Also, cover up your cameras with something such as a small sticker or piece of paper when you don’t intend to use them, particularly if you have a phone with a self-cam.

Privacy Exploitation

Another risk regarding smartphones is privacy exploitation. Many smartphones allow you to download various applications known as apps. What a lot of people don’t realize is that when they download apps, many of these Apps can be used by the companies who developed them to take your personal data and then sell it to other third party agencies without your knowledge. This personal information can be used to basically find out more about you and the things you like, many times, to market products to you as a consumer. It can also be used to track your online personality.

Everyone loves downloading their favorite apps, but in making informed decisions about what apps to carry on your phone, you should try to be mindful as to how much personal information you store on some of your phone apps.

Health Risks

The last risk smartphone users should know about is the health risks. Smartphones are very powerful devices. They can emit powerful electrical impulses that can affect your health. First of all, you should be aware of your smart phone device’s radiation emission levels. You can find out what those levels are for your particular phone by researching online. Some great tips regarding how to use your cell phone to mitigate those risks include keeping your phone as far from your body as possible. Try not to keep your phone directly close to your body like in your pocket. Try to use speaker phone or headphones to prevent holding the phone up to your head, especially if you are a person who talks on the phone A LOT and for long periods at a time. You should also be aware of the fact that your phone can emit powerful EMF signals even while it’s not in use and during times such as when you go to sleep, you should consider putting your phone in airplane mode, which will turn off all those wireless signaling capabilities and can actually help you sleep better at night.

In conclusion, the purpose of this article is not to scare people out of smartphone usage. In knowing what some of the risks are associated with smartphones, you can be much more mindful as to how much you choose to depend on your phone as a major part of your life. Smartphones can be a great addition to daily living if you choose to have one, but you shouldn’t be unable to live without one. Just remember to use your smartphone and don’t let it use you.

Strategies to implement in this game of Hay Day

Hay Day is a very popular game which deals with farming. This is an online game which you can play on your iOS or Android devices. This game was developed by the developer of COC that is the Supercell. Here you have to grow your crops and harvest them, tend the animals and produce new resources and keep upgrading your buildings. It is a very addictive game and is quite different from the ordinary one.

Hay Day for PC

Importance Strategies for this game

There will be a roadside shop that will help you to sell all your goods to the visitors and receive important orders. Roadside shops will also help you to sell the goods which are produced in the shops. Try not to sell all the rare stuff in these shops, but you can sell the overproduced one here like the corn or wheat. So in this way you can easily free up all your spaces. But once you put any of the items on sale at the roadside shop you can’t take it back till it is sold. If you need them, you have to spend some more diamonds to get it back. You can easily adjust the price of the goods. So if you want the items, you can easily lower the value.

There will be a newspaper which you have to check for sale constantly. Every new minute you will be getting some new sale. You can also buy some rare items from this sale by using some diamonds.

In Hay Day when you will be farming you will need some more spaces. So you can easily clear the land by removing the rocks and other stuff which are obstacles. You can remove the stones by using the dynamite, and you can clear the small trees by using axes. Large trees can be removed by using saws. If you don’t have all of these tools at your disposal, then you should start using hay day cheats.

These few strategies will help you to get more resources within a short time. For playing Hay Day properly, you have to be patient. There are many tools or generator which can help you to get good resources. But you have to find the right one otherwise it will be a threat. Do not use your personal information while getting the resources and do not provide any money. Go to that site properly before starting this game. And there are many mystery boxes or prize wheel that can help you to get more resources.

Hay Day tips for the beginners

Hay Day is a very popular game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. This game was developed by the Supercell. Here you have a firm which you have to keep harvesting and tending the animals and many more. Resources play an important part in this game, so you have to spend it wisely. Diamonds and coins are the two important sources of this game which you can use for many purposes. So if you are a beginner, then you should follow some tips in the beginning stages of Hay Day.

Tips for the beginners

There will be a newspaper in the game where you can see for more items which are on sale. You can get every new batch within few minutes. You can check for them in your mailbox. When the newspaper will start hopping it will indicate that new sales have begun.

There will be an exclamation sign in the game. This exclamation sign will indicate that your farm is asking for some help in reviving the plants or filling the boat etc. You can also use this option to get some help.

After 5 minutes, you will see a free advertisement in the newspaper. Whenever you select any stuff, the first one will continuously show in the paper. It will help to bring some more traffic to your farm. So till the items get sold completely, you will be in the limelight. So try to sell the items which are undesirable at a maximum price and in a large quantity. If you still don’t have enough coins or diamonds, start using hay day cheatsWhen you are farming, do not use all the crops of the same type. Whenever you are getting new orders, there will be a board that will show the coins and star which you have earned from the order. As experience matters in this game so try to keep the balance between the stars and coins properly.

When you will start Hay Day keep these points in mind properly. Do not spend the resources on speeding of the processes. You can also find various tools that can help you to get more resources. But do not provide any personal information about yourself. Even if the people are not visiting your farm still, you can sell them at the roadside shop. And newspapers are the best way for selling all the items and for gaining more sales.

Use Clash Royale Cheats and Get Free Gems and Coins

Even if, you haven’t tried it out ever, still you must have heard about the game Clash Royale. It is one of the most popular games that are developed by Supercell. The game was launched in the year 2016, and since then it has won the hearts of many. In a very short span of time, the game has managed to gain a lot of popularity. This game is ideal for people who love to test their skills. The game comprises of multiplayer battles, winnings, and defeats which obviously interests all the gamers out there. For a mobilebased game, it’s just perfect and a great option to pass your time. If you wish to conquer the game then, you will require the help of Clash Royale cheats about which we will be discussing in this article.

What is Clash Royal Cheats?

Just like in any other games even Clash Royale has gems and coins which are very crucial resources in the game. For you to cross levels, unlock chests or to move ahead in the game, you will require sufficient amount of coins and gems in the game. For that either you have to continue to play the game or spend real money to buy the gems and coins. Obviously, none of the ways is preferred by the players, and this is where the Clash Royale cheats come in handy. The Clash Royale cheat helps you to get free coins and gems in the game whenever you want. This relieves the players a lot as they neither have to waste their time for the game to produce the resources nor do they have to waste their own money. Rather the game becomes more enjoyable as players don’t have to get stuck in the game due to lack of resources.

How To Use The Clash Royale Cheats?

If you think that using the Clash Royale Hack is rocket science then, you are wrong. It’s quite easy to use the cheat tool, and anybody can do it. In case, you don’t know how to use it, the steps to it are listed below. Just have a look through it, and you will know:

The first thing that you need to do is enter your in-game username in the cheat tool.

Next, enter the number of coins and gems that you need in the required box.

After that hit the hack button and let the generator process your command.

Once the processing is done, the coins and gems will be transferred to your Clash Royale account.

Thus, you can see how easy it is to use the Clash Royale cheat. If you haven’t used it yet then use it now and play the game with ease.

In short, it can be concluded that the Clash Royale cheat tool is a great medium through which you can get unlimited gems and coins in the game. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you choose the correct cheat tool for yourself.

Know about Mobile Legends and its key features

In the world of online gaming, there are many fantastic and amazing games. Each game is different from other game by graphics, features, characters, and stories, etc. Mobile Legends is also one of the most popular among the players. It is a 5v5 MOBA for all the handheld devices which provides a huge variety of heroes, characters, game modes and has intense high speed. With the control optimized for the touch screen devices, all the players can easily get the setup of the game to play the match against the other players.

Know about Mobile Legends:

Publisher of the game: Moonton

Player base: high

Release date: 14 July 2016

Type: mobile MOBA

Benefits of the game: beginner’s friendly, positive, responsive control, built in live stream features.

Mobile Legends is a free to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that contains huge features like quick matchmaking, heroes and quickly paced battles. Its features much of what the players would expect from the MOBA such as SMITES or league of legends including juggling, hero real, skins, hero abilities, lining and much more. The touchpad controls allow the players to experience the game play on phones and tablets. The player will match with the other player across the globe by displaying the country flags. The game also had sports community features including the library of streams and built-in live streaming to watch the game.

Here are some features of the Mobile Legends game:

5v5 MOBA game play: Participate in the classic MOBA combat opposite to the real team, fighting over the four lanes to down the enemy position and the tower.

Variety of hero: You can choose the hero from the huge variety of character that you want. You may also select the supports, mages, tanks and many more.

Quick matching: If you want to join the game in ten minutes and complete the match in ten minutes, then quick matching is the best feature for you.

Built-in Live streaming: You can play the Mobile Legends game in any of the browsers and take the experience of HD playing. You can also check the rank of your hero and many more things.

Mobile Control: You can select your character with the help of the joystick on the left click and on the right unleash abilities.

Know some practical benefits of playing Mobile Legends:

Develops strategic thinking capacity of the players: When you play the game, you may need to use different strategies to win the battle. One of the most significant benefits you get by playing the game is that develops and improves the thinking capacity of the players. The player needs to use those types tricks by which the opponent player loses the battle. By continuing playing the game, you may get the good result and see improvement in real life also.

Encourage teamwork: We all know that in Mobile Legends game you need to make the team to fight against the opposite team. You need to choose the different characters which have unique abilities. Thus, it is very important first to understand everyone ability and then make the team. This will encourage the teamwork and enhance the leadership quality.

Reduce stress: Playing game is the best way to reduce the tension and stress from the life. When you play the game, you need to focus on the game. Due to this, you can’t think about another thing what is happening in your life.

After reading all the above amazing features and benefits, you get more curious to play the Mobile Legends game. Thus, download the game on the device from the reliable and trustful site and start playing it. If you want help, then use the mobile legends cheats to get unlimited gems and points.

Tips to play clash royale and win the game

Clash royale is the quite popular game that is played all around the world. It is strategic, intense and exciting game that many players love to play. For online game lovers, this is the best game. If you had not played it until now, then you should try it. Playing this game involves mind full strategies as well as tricks. Beginner takes time to develop and understand the strategies of the enemies. If you are a beginner, then it might happen that you lose matches as you might not be having good strategies and ticks. In this article, you will get to know some very useful tips to play the game cash royale.

Tips to play clash royale and win the game-

Some player gets tensed as they look at the open battlefield and wait for the opponent to attack. And when your opponents have some units out to smash your tower it becomes the horrible condition for you unless you have clash royale free gems. At that moment you feel like just rushing your troops out to fill the void/stem the bleeding, but that can be a wrong decision for you. At that moment you should come up with the powerful attack using the complementary units, and this can be an effective decision for you. Thus, wait and act wisely.

Taking the king tower player wins. At the time when your one tower gets down, and your troops move on to king tower of the opponent. Need not be afraid; let the opponent work on your tower. Meanwhile, you must hit hard on king towers as troops will be away from the king towers. They will not be able to attack quickly. By doing so, you can win the game all you go to do is to take the damage of losing your tower.

Clash royale is RTS, and you know that RTS is usually resource based games. The resources in this game are elixir and gold. Using four elixir fireball spell you can do six elixirs worth destruction to enemy troops. By Pekka backup archers, your elixir musketeer can get trounced thus; you must not put them out. And if your five elixir globing hut produces more than five elixirs worth of the globins just put them out. If you do this, then you will see that you and your opponent get the same number of elixir and thus, you can win the game more efficiently by using this elixir.

Another tip is that know your cards as it is the important thing in this game. Leaning your cards as well as making deck lets you have more complementary cards set. Using ranged unit you can back up the melee units. Also, learn which unit is good against another unit as well try learning which unit can be used to destroy the enemy’s tower. Knowing the strength of your card and building the best decks is necessary to win the game efficiently.

These are few of the tips to keep in mind while you play the game clash royale. Following the above tips, one can learn the way to win the game and play it without any problem. These tips are few, but more tips can be found on YouTube and other sites. Just keep on

grabbing new tricks and tips as these are going to help you when you further play the game. Don’t just read the tips and tricks and apply them in the game to know how it works in reality. Also when you understand some tricks try coming up with your tricks because that would be even much better and then you will have more fun playing this game.