A must read the guide on 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pocket version of billiards game which comes in mobile with Android or iOS. It is a game that is completely virtual but has a lot of similarity with that of the original game. This game is quite difficult to adapt in the beginning because it is a motion sensor so controlling can be pretty tricky. Mastering this game will need a lot of time and dedication. You will have to go through the tutorials as well as the guides so that you are well acquainted with the rules. This game will come with a lot of settings that will simplify the game for you.

Deciding from the type of shot that you will make and to the length of the aiming line, you will have to be very much strategic.

Cue guide:

There are four types of the cue in this game and the game will revolve around it. For hitting the ball properly you will have to apply a certain amount of power which will be the deciding point of whether you can pocket the ball or not. If you are using the spinning option then you will also have to calculate the minimum amount to spinning you will need for putting the shot. You can use the force option for regulating the speed of hitting the ball. You can always use an aiming shot that will help you to know about the length of the aiming line. There will be a timer that will show you the total amount of time required for one shot.

Ways to earn 8 ball pool coins cheats

If you open the app in your mobile phone or website in every alternate 30 minutes you will be rewarded with 25 coins that will be completely free.

There will be a short advertisement which will be cast on your screen so make sure you are watching it for earning free coins.

With every leveling up you will be provided with pool cash.

The spinning wheel will help you to avail various mysterious boxes as well as special objects which will simplify the game for you.

It is not mandatory that you will have to master difficult shots. If you can easily master a simple shot then you can play it for thousands of times and can win difficult matches. The tables will get upgraded and with every leveling up the competition will become stiff. So if you keep on trying to master several kinds of shots then it will make you lose time. So have clarity of mind while playing this game.

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