Hay Day tips for the beginners

Hay Day is a very popular game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. This game was developed by the Supercell. Here you have a firm which you have to keep harvesting and tending the animals and many more. Resources play an important part in this game, so you have to spend it wisely. Diamonds and coins are the two important sources of this game which you can use for many purposes. So if you are a beginner, then you should follow some tips in the beginning stages of Hay Day.

Tips for the beginners

There will be a newspaper in the game where you can see for more items which are on sale. You can get every new batch within few minutes. You can check for them in your mailbox. When the newspaper will start hopping it will indicate that new sales have begun.

There will be an exclamation sign in the game. This exclamation sign will indicate that your farm is asking for some help in reviving the plants or filling the boat etc. You can also use this option to get some help.

After 5 minutes, you will see a free advertisement in the newspaper. Whenever you select any stuff, the first one will continuously show in the paper. It will help to bring some more traffic to your farm. So till the items get sold completely, you will be in the limelight. So try to sell the items which are undesirable at a maximum price and in a large quantity. If you still don’t have enough coins or diamonds, start using hay day cheatsWhen you are farming, do not use all the crops of the same type. Whenever you are getting new orders, there will be a board that will show the coins and star which you have earned from the order. As experience matters in this game so try to keep the balance between the stars and coins properly.

When you will start Hay Day keep these points in mind properly. Do not spend the resources on speeding of the processes. You can also find various tools that can help you to get more resources. But do not provide any personal information about yourself. Even if the people are not visiting your farm still, you can sell them at the roadside shop. And newspapers are the best way for selling all the items and for gaining more sales.

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