How to survive for a long time in free fire Battleground?

Free Fire Battleground is an activeminded exciting shooter game that can be played on Android or iOS mobile platform. Here the player will be using a parachute for getting down on an isolated island where there will be many more opponents who will be fighting for the survival. You will have to kill the other 30 players as the island will keep on shrinking with every passing minute so only a few people can stay in the land and this is another way of saying that you won’t be able to run from your enemies for a long time. Having a strategy is very important for eliminating all the competitors by using the attachments and weapons available. So make sure that you are far away from the people so that no one can ambush you.

Safe zone: There will be a minimap which will be provided to you and it will look like the white circle. The circle will indicate that you are currently in the saved zone. So whenever the island will start to shrink you will be notified by another white circle. So you will have to look at it quickly in your screen and jump to that place otherwise you will be eliminated.

Cover yourself completely: Death will always be lurking near you so you need to be very much cautious because there will always be a player who will be watching on you. So always try to avoid the situations where you will be completely exposed to the snipers. You need to analyze the entire thing before you take one and look for the areas that can help you to hide. Always cover yourself in order to minimize your chances of exposure. Try to be tedious when you are moving.

Right gear: Never go to the Battleground unarmed because this is probably the last thing you can do. Whenever you will land on the ground make sure you are picking all the equipment which are near you. So even if you want to remove some of them you can do it later on. All the equipment are very essential in order to survive so make sure you are also keeping the helmet in order to save yourself from campers or snipers. Take a backpack and put all the stuff in there and have a vest in order to protect the torso.

Isolate yourself: Isolating yourself is the very first thing that you need to do at the beginning of the game. You can choose your own fate by selecting the starting point. So always select a location that can easily isolate you from your opponents. Never drop at a place that is near to the battle situation.

These are the few things that can help you to survive for a long time in this game alongsideĀ the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack. Once you are ready with all the right equipment and gears then you can approach towards the battlefield otherwise your game will end before you begin.

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