Spells of Clash of Clans

Clash of clan is a strategycentric game and is quite addictive where players need to build their clan and compete with other similar clans. In the Clash of Clans game, the spells have a very important place for spells but one should know the right moment when they should be using the spells. So here in this article, some of the spells are mentioned.

Different spells

Lightning Spell- the Lightning spell is very fast when it comes to taking out the buildings. It is mainly used for uprooting the defenses. For barch and air attacks, lightning spells can be used. Lightning spells can be used for eliminating the two mortars and air attacks can be used for eliminating the defenses.

Healing Spell- Heal spell is used to heal the players. You can easily heal the giants by using this spell. If you use a single heal spell then it will keep the giants alive while destroying the defenses.

Rage Spell- It is considered to be the best spells. It can be used with any strategy. It mainly increases the speed of damage. The moment you find a lot of units together you can apply this spell. Always place the rage spell when the troops are in the base’s middle part. It will then rip the middle part.

Jump Spell- Jump spells can act great with the valks, mass bowlers, and GoWiPe. You can also use earthquake spells in their place as it offers bigger radius but the cost of jump spell is lesser. Jump spells when placed properly can open many compartments. Do not place the spells on random parts.

Freeze Spell- When you will reach town hall 9 you can use the freeze spell. When you will be attacking the hog then it will work great. It can easily freeze up the xbows and towers which are known as the damage dealers. It helps to freeze everything and can be very beneficial for getting endtime victory.

Clone Spell- This spell is very bad when it comes to taking the housing space. If you don’t want to use it then place it outside the base where the troops are placed. Whenever you will place anything with this spell then it will duplicate.

These few spells are enough for fighting the enemies properly. Every spell will be shown with approaching level. Spells can be very much beneficial if one knows how to use them. You can unlock the best in-game spells with Gems, you can get free gems by using a clash of clans hack that’s available online.

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