Tips on using weapons in Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is an action game where you will be using several kinds of weapons. This game was launched in the market in the year 2017 by Game Insight. One can easily play this game in the Android or iOS device. It is advised to go through the characteristics of each weapon before starting the game. So in this article, there is a guide written below that will help you to know how to use the weapons effectively and have an insight about a Guns of boom hack.

If you have not mastered in using the weapons properly and finding it difficult to spot your enemies then you can definitely make the use of the grenade. When you are using the grenade you won’t have to have a very proper aiming. Wherever you will be dropping grenade it is going to cause a serious damage. Moreover, if you are not being able to spot the location of your enemy then you can just drop the grenade at the suspected place. It is physically used for killing mass enemies who have clustered in the same location.

The best part of playing this game is you can show cast your skills. If you have just started playing and there are already many enemies around you then just pick a small weapon. You can use this weapon to kill other competitor and take all their belongings. In this way, you won’t have to search from one place to another for getting the proper weapon because the player who just died will provide you. In some cases, we can find the weapons which are similar to the enemy’s but it is recommended to pick the weapon of your opponent as in many cases it can be a more upgraded version of the weapon.

It is an action game so make sure you are surviving till the last. When you are doing double kill or has successfully stayed till the last then you will be getting good points. To the double kill, you will get 12 points and if you do triple kill you will get 25 points.

If you have already spotted the enemy from a far distance to make sure that you are taking a proper aim and try to do the headshot. Headshots are particularly very appreciated in this game because it can usually damage your opponent and can also help you get extra points. For performing headshots you need your weapons to be upgraded at a good level.

You will have to perform in various battles for winning points and gold. You can use them for upgrading a weapon. So always keep a check on the chest which will appear in every 6 hours.

So this is a small overview on how to use the weapons in this game. As this is a weapon centric game so you need to be very much skillful with your weapons and do not just aimlessly shoot as it is going to help other enemies to spot your location.

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