Tips to play clash royale and win the game

Clash royale is the quite popular game that is played all around the world. It is strategic, intense and exciting game that many players love to play. For online game lovers, this is the best game. If you had not played it until now, then you should try it. Playing this game involves mind full strategies as well as tricks. Beginner takes time to develop and understand the strategies of the enemies. If you are a beginner, then it might happen that you lose matches as you might not be having good strategies and ticks. In this article, you will get to know some very useful tips to play the game cash royale.

Tips to play clash royale and win the game-

Some player gets tensed as they look at the open battlefield and wait for the opponent to attack. And when your opponents have some units out to smash your tower it becomes the horrible condition for you unless you have clash royale free gems. At that moment you feel like just rushing your troops out to fill the void/stem the bleeding, but that can be a wrong decision for you. At that moment you should come up with the powerful attack using the complementary units, and this can be an effective decision for you. Thus, wait and act wisely.

Taking the king tower player wins. At the time when your one tower gets down, and your troops move on to king tower of the opponent. Need not be afraid; let the opponent work on your tower. Meanwhile, you must hit hard on king towers as troops will be away from the king towers. They will not be able to attack quickly. By doing so, you can win the game all you go to do is to take the damage of losing your tower.

Clash royale is RTS, and you know that RTS is usually resource based games. The resources in this game are elixir and gold. Using four elixir fireball spell you can do six elixirs worth destruction to enemy troops. By Pekka backup archers, your elixir musketeer can get trounced thus; you must not put them out. And if your five elixir globing hut produces more than five elixirs worth of the globins just put them out. If you do this, then you will see that you and your opponent get the same number of elixir and thus, you can win the game more efficiently by using this elixir.

Another tip is that know your cards as it is the important thing in this game. Leaning your cards as well as making deck lets you have more complementary cards set. Using ranged unit you can back up the melee units. Also, learn which unit is good against another unit as well try learning which unit can be used to destroy the enemy’s tower. Knowing the strength of your card and building the best decks is necessary to win the game efficiently.

These are few of the tips to keep in mind while you play the game clash royale. Following the above tips, one can learn the way to win the game and play it without any problem. These tips are few, but more tips can be found on YouTube and other sites. Just keep on

grabbing new tricks and tips as these are going to help you when you further play the game. Don’t just read the tips and tricks and apply them in the game to know how it works in reality. Also when you understand some tricks try coming up with your tricks because that would be even much better and then you will have more fun playing this game.

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